Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scheduled Cuddle Time

I remember sitting in work staff meetings and looking at the written agenda with distain.  I would listen in horror as my boss ran through every item.  The agenda items never changed in these meetings.  Our program director would just rewrite the same agenda from the week before with a few changes.  The problem was he would force himself to find something to talk about on every item.  This happened even if we all knew there was nothing to update.  It was painful and a waste of our time. 

I began to hate agendas.  It made me want to improvise on everything.   I began to really dislike people who had to do everything in order… never deviating from their plan, even if things when drastically wrong.  These people exist….  They roam among us. 

The funny part is… most of these people get things done.  Even though it can be painful to look at agenda items and set schedules…  they promote productivity.

Today I put my foot down… I’m not going to let myself slack off any longer.   Everyday I ask myself, did I really work towards the things that I find important today?  Where did my time go?  Did I accomplish what I set out to do?

Today I made my first set schedule.  It was interesting because I had to completely change my feelings on agendas and schedules.  I had to stay disciplined and I had to make sure I stayed on task and on time.

The whole thing was a little comical, especially because I scheduled a 15 minute cuddle session with my girlfriend.  She laughed but seemed excited that my secretary was able to fit her in to my busy schedule.  Turns out that 15 minute block between “Practice Harmonica” and “Lunch” was a perfect transition. 

Well its 11:10 and I scheduled bedtime for 11pm…  So time to sign off.  I wonder how long this “New Me” will last?   I’m going to schedule 5 minutes to think about this tomorrow.

PS Even Johnny Cash made agendas. 

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