Friday, March 1, 2013

Reggae Blues?

Reggae Blues?

Could that be a genre? 

Recently I started "sitting in" with this reggae band named Hazmatt.  They play reggae but more of the rebel sounding reggae… more tripping edgy reggae with long drawn out songs that have reverb on the guitars and long dark bass lines. 

It’s been fun and I always appreciated good reggae bands because its music that has feeling.  Reggae and blues are some of the most emotional music you will hear.  I think they could be cross-pollenated to make music dripping with feeling.   

Tonight I’m going to play with Hazmatt at a Solana Beach bar named Saddle Bar.  This show is in prep for a bigger show next Saturday.  That show will be at the Belly Up and most likely will be jammed with people.  Hazmatt is opening up for Common Sense, a San Diego based band who have a large following. What an opportunity to do something cool at such a great San Diego Venue.  There have been lots of great harmonica players to step on the stage at The Belly Up… but how many of them are playing with a reggae band?   I may be the only one.   

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