Thursday, February 28, 2013



My dad used to play this song for me by Humble Pie called “30 Days in the Hole”. The song is about spending 30 days in jail, but it could be a metaphor for so many other things. Thirty days is a significant amount of time to make a change in one’s habits. If you do something for thirty days it will definitely affect your habitual routines surrounding that activity. For instance, if you decided to quit smoking, thirty days would be a milestone. If you were trying to improve your Spanish speaking skills and you rarely practiced, thirty days would significantly improve your ability to habla espanol. 

With this in mind, I am going to dedicate the next 30 in preparation for Spring Harp Fest and the Harp Bash pre-party. Spring Harp Fest is the annual harmonica festival that happens in San Diego. The organizers asked me to perform this year and I get an entire set to myself! Not as a sideman or a “Special Guest” on someone else’s set…. My own 30 mins! I have been told time and time again if I want to ensure my success as a harmonica player that I have to sing and front the band. My plan is to sing a song at both events. I have apprehensions about singing so this will be a quite a feat. So my next thirty days is going to be dedicated to improving my front man skills, singing skills and harmonica-ing. I plan on maintaining a running diary of my experiences and posting them on my blog. (Which I have been pretty lazy about keeping up with) 

I will be posting my wins and losses of each day, my random thoughts, and lessons learned. I really want this to be an evolving experience and have a diary to look back on. What goals will I achieve if I can focus on the next 30 days of life? If I can really dedicate myself… not just half-assed dedication but the kind of dedication Rocky had getting ready for Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and Ivan Drago! I’m about to get Rocky Dedicated…. Hahaha.


 First thing is first… I need goals. 

1) Sing and lead the band for one song at both Spring Harp Fest and The Harp Bash 

2) Make one or more Blog entries per day leading up to both events 

3) Develop and practice two strong sets for both events. 

4) Promote both events to friends and family 

 Looks like I got my “30 Days in the Hole” carved out for me. Rocky Dedicated!!!! Who’s with me???